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How should Sleep services protect themselves and the patients during the current COVID-19 epidemic

It is now well established that sleep Disorders especially sleep apnea is very prevalent across the world. There is a high likelihood they are going to ignored in these testing times where everyone is focused o...

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Impact of Coronavirus on Sleep

Here are 7 factors about Impact of Coronavirus on Sleep , that needs your urgent attention during COVID-19 pandemic, before it kills your dream. Coronavirus, a global pandemic, that has brought world economy an...

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5 Untruths unlocked about Sleep

Here are the 5 Myths & Untruths that we all believe about Sleep In a culture that works 24/7, sleeping can seem like a low priority. But in reality, by sleeping your optimal amount, you will push yourself a...

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World Sleep Day 2020 #WorldSleepDay

On the occasion of World Sleep Day 2020 let us all focus on the importance of sleep for building better life and a better planet to live. Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet The 13th annual World Sleep Day...

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World Sleep Day 2019

World Sleep Day 2019 Toolkit WORLD SLEEP DAY® (WSD) – WHAT IS IT? World Sleep Day is an annual, global call to action about the importance of healthy sleep. The focus of WSD is to bring cognizance to the many b...


World Sleep Day 2019 Activity Submission

Community Awareness Activities – Team covered a stretch of 10km in the neighborhood park, market,bus stop,pedestrian walkway and kids park. Educated people about the Importance of Sleep and how #HealthyS...

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Art Competition Winners for World Sleep Day 2019

Sleep Cure Solutions conducted a “Healthy Sleep” Art Competition for children to raise awareness about the Importance of Sleep on account of World Sleep Day, 2019. There were two groups in this competition: 5 –...


How to Sleep Well When Travelling to a Different Time zone?

Switching time zones isn’t as simple and convenient as it seems. It leaves you exhausted and sleep deprived. In fact, it affects the body’s biological clock and one also finds it difficult to adjust to the new ...

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Dr Himanshu Garg talks on the importance of Sleep and Sleep Disorders

As a leading  service provider Sleep Cure Solutions has been consistently working towards raising awareness of sleep disorders and providing sleep-related solutions in India through a holistic approach. As part...

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Do you have a sleep study scheduled?

Here’s how you should be preparing for it.. Based on your doctor’s recommendations, or your own online research, you’ve scheduled to have a Sleep Study performed to help you better understand why yo...