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Dr. Himanshu Garg Importance of sleep
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Dr Himanshu Garg talks on the importance of Sleep and Sleep Disorders

As a leading  service provider Sleep Cure Solutions has been consistently working towards raising awareness of sleep disorders and providing sleep-related solutions in India through a holistic approach. As part...

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How much does a Sleep Study cost in Delhi/Gurgaon/NCR?

  We at Sleep Cure Solutions get frequent calls from patient’s who have been advised Sleep Study by their GP/Doctor. The most common question asked is “How much will the Sleep Study cost ?This ...

sleep study scoring services
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Leading provider of Sleep Health and Sleep Scoring services India

Sleep Cure Solutions provides Quality manual Sleep study scoring services with accurate results to support Sleep Centers/Services across the world. Each study is scored by Senior registered polysomnography tech...

healthy sleep habits and tips
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A healthy night’s sleep is our fundamental human right

We spend almost one-third of our life sleeping. And if you try to combine the hours we sleep in our life time, it’s huge, it’s really huge.

But why do we sleep every day? What makes us feel sleepy every night? And why do we feel good when we wake up from a full night’s sleep?

These questions need answers – and for centuries, the curious species, we-the-mankind, have been trying to decode sleep.

Healthy Sleep Habits & Rituals
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9 Healthy Sleep Habits

This might sound a little strange but the truth is your behaviour can have a major impact on how well you sleep. Everything including what you eat and drink, whether you exercise or not, the medications you tak...

Sleep scoring outsourcing India
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When you feel a need to find someone who could help you with sleep data scoring

Outsourcing is not a new idea. It’s been out there for long, though it’s true that sleep medicine industry has picked up on this model of working a little late. Now if you’re someone who’s in-charge of a sleep ...

Reasons for Sleep Study
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5 reasons to have a sleep study

A sleep study/test is an overnight study of your sleep health. The test can be done at a sleep centre or at your home. But you just cannot go to your doctor and get it done if you suspect a sleep disorder – it ...

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How to prepare for a sleep study?

For months, you have not slept well. You finally approach a sleep specialist who recommends you a sleep study. Knowing a bit about the sleep test will help you get relaxed before and during the study. In fact, ...

Dr. Himanshu Garg, Sleep Specialist, India
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How to find the best sleep scoring outsourcing partner in India?

You’ve been thinking about sleep study scoring outsourcing for the past many days – and finally you’ve decided to give it a try. However, you’ve no idea about where to start from. Don’t worry – through this blo...

Sleep Scoring Outsourcing Services, Aviss Health, India
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Planning to outsource sleep scoring services? Here’s how Sleep Cure Solutions can help.

Worldwide, more and more people across age groups are getting affected by sleep disorders, particularly sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy & parasomnias. This has put an increased pre...