Sleep deprived driving is like driving under the influence of alcohol

Sleep Deprived Driving is Like Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

The tragic and costly results of individuals/drivers  private or commercial) falling asleep at the wheel are rightfully receiving consid­erable attention in the media and from numerous concerned industry and pu...


Is your teenager sleeping well?

Good Sleep Habits will help your teenager have a better night’s sleep • Have a good sleep routine.It is not good to frequently change the times you go to bed and get up • The hour before going to bed should be...

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World Sleep Day 14 March 2014

World Sleep Day – How It Began World Sleep Day (WSD) has grown steadily since its inception. The first WSD was held on March 14th 2008, under the slogan ‘Sleep well, live fully awake’. The 2009 WSD operated und...

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How to Improve your efficiency and margins of your sleep service ?

Is your sleep facility constantly over budget? Do you have a regular turnover of technologists? Do you have a backlog of patient sleep studies still needing to be scored? Does it take more than three business d...

Medical Award

Award for Achieving Excellence in the Field of Sleep Medicine

Dr Himanshu Garg receiving award for achieving Excellence in the field of Sleep Medicine by Dr GN Qazi eminent scholar and scientist of the nation and Vice Chancellor Jamia Hamdard University.

Sleep Study

Sleep Study

What is a sleep study? A sleep study is an overnight recording of your sleep, breathing, heart rate, leg movements and snoring for the diagnosis and evaluation of sleep disorders. Sleep studies can be performe...


Do You Have a Sleep Disorder ?

To find out, check all those that apply to you from the list below. Do you Snore? Wake up feeling tired? Wake up with a headache? Feel drowsy during the day? Fall asleep unintentionally? Wake often during the ...


Announcement of Our New Blog.

We have started our new part and i.e blogging. We are very happy to announce this as, it will help us reach to those people who don’t take their sleep seriously. Sleep is a habit, so it can be good as wel...