How to Sleep Well When Travelling to a Different Time zone?

Switching time zones isn’t as simple and convenient as it seems. It leaves you exhausted and sleep deprived. In fact, it affects the body’s biological clock and one also finds it difficult to adjust to the new time zone, especially when they’re suffering from lack of sleep and other sleep problems such as sleep apnea. Here, find some handy tips for sleeping well when you’re planning to travel to a different time zone.

Tips for Enjoying a Good Sleep when travelling to a Different Time zone

In order to avoid sleep problems, it is impertinent for travelers to adjust themselves in accordance with the routine and time of their destination time zone. Below check out some of useful tips for enjoying a good sleep when travelling to a new destination.

  • Ahead of travelling, try and adjust yourself in accordance with the destination time zone’s sleeping habits.
  • Once you’re on the flight, adjust your clock in accordance with the destination time zone and also don’t nap or go off to sleep while travelling.
  • Don’t forget to remain hydrated throughout the journey as dehydration can worsen your sleep problems.
  • Make sure you sleep only for 2-3 hours after you’ve reached your new destination. Remember, this can be really difficult but if you stay awake during the daytime then falling asleep during bedtime would be much easier.
  • Limit your intake of alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.
  • While it may seem difficult but waking up at the right time the next day will help you in adjusting your body in accordance with the new time zone.
  • Carry a comfortable sleep ware such as your favorite t-shirt, nightgowns etc. and don’t forget to wear them while sleeping.
  • Pack your favorite scented candles and use them to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable sleep.

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