World Sleep Day 2019 Activity Submission

Community Awareness Activities –

Team covered a stretch of 10km in the neighborhood park, market,bus stop,pedestrian walkway and kids park. Educated people about the Importance of Sleep and how #HealthySleep can lead to #HealthyAgeing.


Rest & Sleep or Rest in Peace? Nidraa, a short film on Sleep

A Sleep Cure Initiative, Short film conceptualized, directed and written by Sleep cure team.

Why Video?

  • Sleepcure solutions wanted their initiative of educating people about sleep and healthy life, to last long and educate more people in coming time despite of completion of WSD activity
  • A short film on Sleep was created to utilize mass reach activity through video using our social media channels and you tube channel.
  • Trailer of 1 min 12 sec and Full Short movie of 10 min and 03 Sec was released after few days of trailer release.

Free Sleep Disorders Awareness Camp

Sleep Dialogues – An open interactive discussion on the Importance of Sleep with our Sleep Specialists saw an overwhelming response. All participants shared their Sleep Story experiences, challenges and victories. Registrants also benefited from one to one Free Consultation and Free CPAP/BiPAP check

  • Advertisements in local hindi and english newspapers to encourage people to attend our free awareness camp
  • Various social media activities were pushed to drive people to attend the free sleep disorders awareness camp

Art Competition for Children

An Initiative to Encourage our Children to learn and participate in most important phenomenon of human life, where we invest 1/3rd of our time sleeping. There must be something important about this phenomenon.

Motive behind art competition

Sleepcure Solutions wanted it’s initiative to be long lasting & we wanted to touch the grass root segment of society. Which is our children. What could be a better way to teach our upcoming generation about sleep quality through activity, that children love most to do i.e draw, write & Paint.

Connecting common man with STREET Play

Street Play is the best way to connect with the common man.

A Street Play, Nukkad Natak titled ​”Good Sleep Healthy Life” Theater artists from Delhi and Team SCS used catchy phrases ,songs, crisp script, humor and props to get across the message of Healthy Sleep Healthy Ageing to the masses thereby making a long lasting and powerful effect.

Social Media Campaign

Full month Social media campaign, covering facebook, linkedin. Posts revolved around healthy sleep healthy aging -, the theme of World Sleep Day 2019. With eye catching and engaging posts, infographic, facebook events

Emailer Campaign, landing pages and Website

General emailer around healthy sleep, healthy ageing, world sleep day was circulated to list of our existing clients.

view landing page:

Guest Lectures about management of Sleep

On the occasion of world sleep day, Dr. Himanshu Garg, Delivered guest lecture at renowned hospitals in delhi about management of Sleep Apnea

News paper Ads – English & Hindi Regional Language