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Dr Himanshu Garg talks on the importance of Sleep and Sleep Disorders

As a leading  service provider Sleep Cure Solutions has been consistently working towards raising awareness of sleep disorders and providing sleep-related solutions in India through a holistic approach. As part of this drive, Dr Himanshu Garg ,Founder Director Sleep Specialist at SCS have been working relentlessly .He has conducted countless sleep focused events , delivered innumerable Sleep health talks and trained over thousands of physicians to meet the demand for trained sleep specialists. Dr Garg today addressed Occupational Health and General Physicians at Honda Plant,Gurgaon and made them aware of Sleep disorders and its direct  correlation with other more serious conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke etc. He says “In India a country where snoring is traditionally associated with sound sleep, it is extremely challenging to make people aware that it is actually a sign of a serious sleep disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnea.We have been able to increase awareness significantly over the past few years, but there is still a long way to go,” he adds.


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