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How much does a Sleep Study cost in Delhi/Gurgaon/NCR?

  We at Sleep Cure Solutions get frequent calls from patient’s who have been advised Sleep Study by their GP/Doctor. The most common question asked is “How much will the Sleep Study cost ?This ...

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A healthy night’s sleep is our fundamental human right

We spend almost one-third of our life sleeping. And if you try to combine the hours we sleep in our life time, it’s huge, it’s really huge.

But why do we sleep every day? What makes us feel sleepy every night? And why do we feel good when we wake up from a full night’s sleep?

These questions need answers – and for centuries, the curious species, we-the-mankind, have been trying to decode sleep.

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What is a Sleep Study and Who needs it

What is a Sleep Study? Sleep study is an overnight observation of an individual’s sleep.  This involves monitoring number of physiological parameters simultaneously like  EEG (brain activity), the eye moments (...

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Getting Sleepless about Sleep

It is wee hours of the morning and the clock has just struck 2 am, but for Ms Anita  sleep is still elusive. She has spent hours tossing and turning in the bed trying to switch off from work. Her stress is furt...

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Insomnia and Traditional Indian Therapies – Integrative Medicine

Insomnia is a common, annoying and a potentially debilitating human malady yet it’s nature, ubiquity, significance and myriad causes remain poorly understood. What is Insomnia? Insomnia occurs when there is ade...

Sleeping with the CPAP – A Prearranged Marriage
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Sleeping with the CPAP – A Prearranged Marriage

“Think of this as a prearranged  marriage arranged by people who best understand your interest and once you decide to sleep together the relationship is for lifetime. Going ahead you may not like few things abo...


World Sleep Day 14 March 2014

World Sleep Day – How It Began World Sleep Day (WSD) has grown steadily since its inception. The first WSD was held on March 14th 2008, under the slogan ‘Sleep well, live fully awake’. The 2009 WSD operated und...